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From Notes on "Capitalism Triumphant" - Shandean Postscripts to Politics, Philosophy, & Culture — LiveJournal

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Too little attention is paid to the current economic conditions in the former Stalinist countries in comparison to the conditions before the triumph of capitalism. If we really want to learn what capitalism does and what Stalinism did historical comparisons would be news. Actually existing capitalism is not the fairy tale told by the idiots of the ruling class ideologists.

"Budapest and the western parts of the country are doing reasonably well, despite the general economic crisis, in the east, and especially in the northeast of the country, half a million Roma and at least he same number of non-Roma Hungarians live in extreme poverty. Many go hungry. What under Communist Janos Kadar had been a region of fairly successful collective farms and a wasteful, but labor intensive industry now consists of fallow lands and idle, rusty, factories. Among the previously fully employed Roma there is now up to 90 percent unemployment. Hungarians in the same region are no better off either. Whence the considerable hatred of the Roma who are said to prefer to live on welfare."

from "Hungary the Threat" by Istvan Deak The New York Review of Books, 28 April 2011, p. 37.

In fact throughout Eastern Europe the Roma fared better under the old Stalinist system of oppression than they do under the current system of capitalist oppression. This is because the distorted property forms of a deformed worker's state militated toward full employment and the full use and misuse of all labor resources no matter the backward political forms that destroyed any move toward proletarian democratic forms.

Jerry Monaco
23 April 2011
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