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Jerry Monaco
7 August
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A Utopian Note for All of Us Reader/Hypocrites

If I write a cliché our language suffers. If what I write doesn't flash a spark into the nerves of the brain, then what is the use? What is the use of writing at all unless your writing can bring people to desire, or feel deeply, or see anew, or inspire creativity or reach out in solidarity? There is no use. If my writing is useless or cliché then tear it down. But show me!

Even now, you, reading these words, "hypocrite lecteur, -- mon semblable, -- mon frere!" - why are you not creating yourself, writing your self, making a narrative out of your "self", or if you can't make a narrative, why then aren't you creating a view of the world you perceive and love, a view that will help us see and know more completely? Why not? What of your own rage and desire at this moment? Why aren't you searching through Percy Shelley and Emma Goldman for new inspiration to live a life where you can experience the sunlight coming through the window in all of its burning beauty and dirty ugliness? Or perhaps this is also failure, our search, our longing, as well as our writing. Because we must fail always, even as we succeed, when our success is not with others. Even our talk of beauty must fail when it implies ignorance of so much suffering. Only when we are all creator/spectators of the democracy of genius that is in each of us, only when we are making it possible for all individuals of our species to experience the world to its fullest, only then will we become the creative human beings that each of us should become, must become, to fulfill the genius which is the specificity of each individual. When we can all have a chance to work together, write poetry, make movies together, theorize for others and for ourselves then we will know our desires, and truly begin to make a human world.

So this is your utopian note, hypocrite reader.

I know I will not always live up to my hopes. I know that these are only notes for something better -- the longing to read and to be read, to experience and understand -- but I welcome all readers, all questions, all comments, all criticism, all help.

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Political Poetics, Poetic Politics, Law, Love, & the Jurisprudence of Desire

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